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by me-love-debu-neko
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最後は旅の仲間 勢揃いということで♪ ^^ 簡単ですみまへん。
でも これ見たらイバ喜ぶと思うなぁ~♪今回は撮影担当してたジェフ君も登場でありんす。

Forgot all about the final - part 5.
Well, it is the last one and I thought... it's good to have display♪
I think this will make Eva very very happy :)
My travel conpanion (^。^)♪♪♪ Wish to go on a trip with them again!

と 出発前からラオスの人に触れて感動した思い出があります♪

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by me-love-debu-neko | 2009-06-07 18:20 | 旅の記録

どんな生活の場でも 快く受け入れてくれます。
Lao people are heartfull! They welcomed us anytime and anywhere.
Pictures bring back so many memories!

ラオス・出会い編 Meeting Lao peoplec0105183_2321187.jpg
ラオスで出会った赤ちゃんは ほとんど泣いてなかったのは不思議です。この右側の女性のように、赤子を抱くのに使う布に興味を引かれたものです。今では、日本でもこのスタイルが流行りつつありますよね。
Babies in Laos were always quiet... didn't see any crying baby. And I was so interested in the clothes that mothers were using to carry babies just like a woman on the right side in photo. Now this style is getting popular in Japan, isn't it?

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by me-love-debu-neko | 2007-12-08 00:02 | 旅の記録
Dash down Mekong river!
The other way of transportation was taking boats along the river! I liked taking a speed boat the most! That was thrilling and so adventurous!

!車のエンジンを搭載! !Car engine loaded!

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by me-love-debu-neko | 2007-05-22 23:15 | 旅の記録

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We often got off the van and walked to see villages and people’s life.

まぁ よく見る光景です。
Scenery I saw often during the trip. I liked when children waved smiling.

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by me-love-debu-neko | 2007-05-20 19:03 | 日々の記録
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The theme this time is “adventure,” and yes! Eva's trip is never boring!
So many great things and unpredictable happenings were waiting for me! Therefore, I’d like to tell you separately about “Part3 : adventure”!


***街*** in town


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by me-love-debu-neko | 2007-02-04 19:51 | 旅の記録
思い出の旅ラオスpart1に引き続き、想い出の旅ラオス 第二弾です!Trip to Laos part2 !! (Related article→Trip to Laos part1)

These pictures are caves in Vieng Xai where the old presidents (here, Kaysone and Soupanouvong) had lived in a midst of civil war. Laos actually has a sad and severe history of lots of battles. In the caves, there I could see all the rooms used for team meating, arms and emargency. The emargency room was the place to escape from the bombing and there was a pump to get air outside, too. All was remained as it had been before.
これらの写真は、ラオス内戦中に元大統領達(カイソーン大統領とスパヌウォン大統領)が住んでいたという ビエンサイにある洞窟。実は、ラオスには酷く悲しい、たくさんの争いの歴史があるんです。 洞窟の中には、作戦会議用や武器庫や寝室や緊急時用の部屋もありましたよ。エマージェンシールームは、外気を取り込むポンプなどもあって、全てがそのまま残されておりました。

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by me-love-debu-neko | 2006-12-30 16:21 | 旅の記録
All about a story (3 years ago already!) of the trip in Laos!!
(^_^)yeahhhh☆ My first step in South East Asia is full of memories! I joined a group of great family, that used to be my host family in US, and their tour friend Bill. My favorite “Mrs. host mother, Eva” plans her family trip every year. The trip 2003(my very first joining) sounded so thrilling… It was chilly November, my airplane took off after the sunset to the South!
As a matter of fact, this Eva’s trip is so much different from regular trip like yours! Her trip is not just for sight-seeing, but also learning, adventure and love.
Based upon these three themes, I want to introduce you all about my experience in Laos!

昔ホームステイをして お知り合いになったT家族と家族の友人で行う、恒例のアジア旅行に参加。私の大好きなホストマザーのミセスに この恒例の家族旅行に誘われ わくわく感満点!時は2003年寒い11月、飛行機はいざ南へ出発!

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by me-love-debu-neko | 2006-12-03 00:36 | 旅の記録