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英語の勉強もかねて。I try both Japanese & English! いつかアメリカに住むぞ!思いつきOopaの好きな言葉は Love never fails!

by me-love-debu-neko
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I got it this year, too!
I receive a greeting card from a little boy in Cambodia around this season every year! I heard that there is a big big event called "water festival." In this card, he painted flowers for me♪

以前アジアに アメリカの家族と行った時、そこのお父さんと息子さんが カンボジアは訪れた国の中(アジア)で一番貧しく見えた と言ってたんですよね。。。でも このカードからは、あまり想像できないですー。
When I went to South East Asia before with my favorite family from US, I heard from them that Cambodia looked so poor probably the most among the countries they had visited.... However, it is hard to see it from this card.
カンボジアから ~Card from Cambodia~_c0105183_23512456.jpg

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by me-love-debu-neko | 2006-11-28 00:02 | 日々の記録
んまいラーメンの出会いって あるんですね~♪
My sister and I decided to drop by at ICHIRAN, the noodle shop, before taking our nephews to the movie "Death Note." The noodle and the taste of soup from pork which my sister raved about was REALLy excelent! I surely felt like I wanted to come back again, and what is more, I finished all the soup in a bowl..that is quite unusual!!
めちゃ んまかった♪ ~It was gooood taste!~_c0105183_194454.jpg

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by me-love-debu-neko | 2006-11-25 19:44 | 日々の記録
寒い冬 どうですか?#^.^#

So, the winter really has come! In this season, the freezing cold air and wind are some troubles but the illuminations in cities warm up our hearts, don't you think? It gives me an idea to take a side trip even in the midwinter! I can hardly wait for the christmas time now already.
How are you in the chilly winter..?

街のお化粧 ~City is lit up~_c0105183_22424795.jpg

by me-love-debu-neko | 2006-11-23 22:55 | 日々の記録
Recently my buddies and I twisted our bellies over some funny stories about "tatooes," so I thought I'd share some with you all.

友人のいとこはハーフアメリカン。彼 ジェイ君が、米大学で日本語を勉強中の頃の話し。なんでか、ある時 強そうな人が来て言ったそうです。
My friend's cousin is a half-Amerian. This tatoo story No. 1 was when he was studiying abroad in the States; one day a strange man who looked buff and tough came to him and said...
海外ネタ ~Funny story from abroad~_c0105183_2334503.jpg
"Hey, man. I know some Japanese, too. In fact, I got in my arm. It's a Chinese character, Dragon. Wanna see? Cool, isn't it? It's gotta be, 'cuz it's Dragon, it says!"

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by me-love-debu-neko | 2006-11-21 00:17 | 漫画イラスト写真集

セシナ ~Mexican food~

干したお肉ということですが、Franさんの言う通り 食感がやみつきになるです。これ、作るの難しいみたいですので、作り方 というか味付けというか失敗しないコツ知ってる方いたら どーぞ教えてください!

This is my first time to taste the ... Ahh.... anyway, it is Mexican food with special sauce! The meat is dried beef, I heard. Gooood stuff!! As Fran-san said, texture was the reason I couldn't stop as well as the flavor. She also said that she couldn't make it same as the one at a restaurant. If anyone knows how to cook or season this food... I mean, the point not to fail, please please tell me for Fran-san!

セシナ ~Mexican food~_c0105183_2335077.jpg

今度は本場 メヒコで食べてみたいですよね~~☆3倍のセシナと3倍のマルガリータが出てきそうで魅惑です!是非南国のオープンカーもやってとーらい したいもんです!

Well, at that restaurant, how many hours did we keep talking?? I had a goood time there! Next time, we should try the REAL Mexican food in Mexico. 3 times bigger foods and drinks would be attractive, and we must go for an open car down South!!
by me-love-debu-neko | 2006-11-19 23:06 | 日々の記録
すすき よく見つけたね!電柱が暖かそ☆
また一緒にコーヒーでも飲みたいねぇ(^-^) もうすぐ冬だよ、暖かくしてね。

Got an e-mail to tell about a cold season from my friend whom I haven't seen for a long time...
I wonder how you found the silver grass! Looks like the pole is feeling enough warm. I want to have a cup of coffee together again:) Well, the cold winter is coming soon. Make yourself warm ok?
コーヒーでも飲みたいねぇ ~coffee time for us~_c0105183_2348087.jpg

by me-love-debu-neko | 2006-11-16 00:07 | 日々の記録
突然 「アメリカから帰国した!」の知らせに集合することになった。今回は、どこか都内で集まろう。。 とのことで、ご存知 恵比寿ZESTにて祝再会。駐車場もあるし、food&drinkもアメリカ・メキシコstyleで、広いから大男二人が来ても問題なし!(^v^)b

ということで 今回はZESTの空間を紹介。といっても携帯カメラには限界があるので、雰囲気のみをお伝えします。まだ行ったことない方は是非行ってみてね~

"She is back in Japan from US now." So, we decided to have a small, sdden get-together for this news. "Let's meet at somewhere in Tokyo this time." Ok, there is a good nice restaurant with food & drinks of American/Mexican style in Ebisu where there is a valet parking, which is super. And its huge space is wide enough to welcom 2 BIG guys in our company!(^v^)byeah
Well, here is ZEST as you might know already. If anyone has never been there yet, check on these images.

再会 ~Fellowship of Fresno IEI~_c0105183_23273577.jpg
再会 ~Fellowship of Fresno IEI~_c0105183_2341479.jpg

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by me-love-debu-neko | 2006-11-14 02:38 | 日々の記録
ちびっ子と暇つぶし ~time with kids~_c0105183_1453321.jpg
リリのうさぎ と 人参"Riri's bunny & Carrots"

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by me-love-debu-neko | 2006-11-11 15:59 | 日々の記録

宝もの ~treasures(^.^)~

宝もの ~treasures(^.^)~_c0105183_22551642.jpgまずは、これ象の毛でできているリング。硬くてプラスチックのよう。驚き!わしの毛がこんなだったら大変だ。ミャンマーで25セントくらいだったかな。ミャンマーで働く象見たぞ!しかも電車から。えらいこっちゃ。象ですぞ。

This is a ring of Elephant hair. Feels so hard like a plastic thing. Amazing hair! It was about 25cents in Myanmar. By the way, It was great to see working elephants from a train in Burma.

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by me-love-debu-neko | 2006-11-07 00:54 | 日々の記録
最近見た自然 ~The nature I\'ve seen lately~_c0105183_13101596.jpg

すすき。箱根にドライブに行ったら もほ~~っとなってました。

Silver grass. On the way to Hakone, this "silver" view came into my sight.
Somewhere in grass, there is a path to walk along.
by me-love-debu-neko | 2006-11-05 13:26 | 日々の記録